Clients Voice Their Appreciation

I think I have got to be one of the luckiest people on this earth in order to have met you. I know that our lives have touched for a special reason; you have helped me through my grief better than I thought was possible. When my mom died, you gave my life meaning again, which I thought that I would live without forever. Thank you for being my counselor and, most importantly, my friend. -Noel

“Please know my life, and many others, has been deeply affected by your expertise, generosity and loving heart.” – Diane

“You have done so much for my son… He has become more comfortable with himself and better able to deal with our ongoing battle with my health.” – Kasey

“Virginia met with me almost weekly for a year. She patiently helped me to understand the emotions I was feeling, reassured me that I was not crazy, and provided me a safe place to express the intense emotions that were overwhelming me. Friends and family were eager to comfort me, but were unsure how to do so. Virginia showed me how to ask for the help I needed. In the process, I, my family, and friends learned how to take better care of each other, to share our grief, rather than have it isolate us from each other.” – Nancy K.

Again, many thanks for your caring & help in preparing for my mother’s death. Your wisdom will remain with me. – Robyn C.   “…Your listening to me and giving me insight made such a positive impact on my life that I will never forget you.” – Julie

[Dr. Simpson] has both lived and counseled others through the experience of chidhood loss and exudes a sensitivity built through years of work in her specialty.” – Karen Russell, www.griefsupportservices.org

“Ginni = Happiness, Relief, Joy, Fun, Memories.” – Christy, 13

“Not only have you helped us heal from our losses, you have also reached out and helped us to believe in a future.” – Dawn

I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but you are a gift from God.  You saved my life. – Laurie

Thanks for always being there, Ginni, you  truly are a gift! xoxoxoxo – Diane

More Letters of Gratitude for Dr. Simpson’s Grief Work

Dear Virginia:

What can I say, that I haven’t already said before.  You are a blessing from God.  To devote your time, without pay, on a weekly basis, year after year, for our grieving students here at Raymond Cree, [Middle School] is remarkable and selfless.

Our students can’t wait until “Ginni” gets here to make them feel better. They can’t wait to play that “great magical game” that gives them permission to feel and allows them to express themselves in a “safe place” they call group.

Yes, you’ve done it again and I can’t thank you enough. I have enclosed a few cards the kids made (without solicitation in any way) for you.  They say more than I could ever say.

Sincerely, Bob Worswick Counselor, RCMS 6/17/02

Dear Dr. Simpson,

On behalf of Brian and myself, I would like to express our appreciation for your tremendous help during the start-up phase of the Judith Ann Griese Foundation for Grieving Children and Families and the creation of Judi’s House. You were one of the first people I reached out to and you proved that generosity of spirit can work wonders. Our discussions have been invaluable and encouraging. I know that the children are fortunate to have you as their champion. Thank you, again, both professionally and personally. I look forward to future discussions.

Sincerely,   Margaret Marshall Rhyne Executive Director Judith Ann Griese Foundation Greenwood Village, CO

Dear Virginia,

I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to you, for coming to speak to Temple Isaiah Early Childhood enter. You enlightened the parents, in how to cope, and discussed a sensitive topic which will help with a young child’s understanding of the loss of a pet or loved one! Your informative explanations, thoughts, and ideas gave everyone insight and a clearer perspective on this difficult subject.I hope you’ll come and visit our school again.

Fondly, Marla Baum Director

Yvonne L. Howdyshell Turner-Robertshaw Funeral Home Front Royal, VA
Dear Dr. Simpson, Enclosed you will find a copy of the program we used in our recent memorial service. The information you provided is on the back of the program. Thank you so much for the addition of your material. I know it was helpful to those who attended. I have browsed your website and find the work you are doing very commendable. Thanks again for your contribution to our evening.