In Memory of

This page is dedicated to three remarkable people, all of whom are gone.

The first to die was my Dad, Bud.  I was only 12 and he was only 48.  His death immediately altered my life and my future.  It set me on a journey to understand death, thus enhancing the meaning of life.

My stepson, Doug, died suddenly at the age of 28, as a result of Type I diabetes.  His death showed me that the only way I could make meaning of his loss and the pain was to live better.

My mother died August 17, 2005.  I did not understand, until I moved through this year without her, what her presence and love in my life meant.  I want to share the words she spoke to me a week before she died (which is exactly a year ago as I write these words):

“Having fun, being kind, and loving are the most important things.”

My beautiful mother, Ruth

My beautiful mother, Ruth

Douglas William Simpson

My stepson
Douglas William Simpson

Dad & Mom (Bud & Ruth) 1958

Dad & Mom (Bud & Ruth) 1958

You exist only as a dream now
Your blue eyes are gone
Yet I can look at your picture and see them

You exist only in my heart now
My love for you cannot be shared through conversation, a touch, a kiss
Yet it is there

Your love for me
is something I carry with me
for I know that is the one thing
that cannot die